Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Hritik Roshan as Raj Khanna
Rani Mukherjee as Pooja Sahani Khanna
Kareena Kapoor as Tina Kapoor
Satish Shah as Mr. Sahani
Himani Shivpuri as Mrs. Sahani
Kiran Kumar as Mr. Khanna
Smita Jaykar as Mrs. Khanna
Sachin Khedekar as Mr. Kapoor
Uday Chopra as Rohan Verma
Parikshat Sahni as Mr. Verma
Maya Alagh as Mrs. Verma
Barkha Singh as young Tina Kapoor

Raj, Pooja and Tina are childhood friends.

Mr. Khanna (Raj's father) moves with his family to England.  Before going Tina promises to write an email everyday to Raj but she is too busy with other things and does not sent him any emails.  Pooja on Tina's behalf regularly sends emails to Raj in Tina's name.  The emails bring them closer to each other.  Pooja falls in love with Raj but Raj loves Tina coz he is under the impression that he has been corresponding with Tina all this while and he has fallen in love with the letter writer.

Raj, Tina and Pooja finally meet.  But Raj realises that Tina is completely different from what he imagined her to be in the emails.  He also gets a little closer to Pooja and realizes that they have a lot of common interests.

Raj goes back to London and keeps thinking more about Pooja than Tina.  Pooja goes to London for an interview and Raj takes her around to visit London city.  They go to a church where Pooja suddenly starts humming a song that Raj loves.  Its at that moment that Raj realizes that he has been chatting with Pooja and not Tina on emails all these years.  Raj then confesses his love for Pooja ... the girl with whom he has been chatting on emails all these years and he wants to marry her.

Raj and Pooja come back to Mumbai together to find that Tina has lost her father.  Raj's father decides to get Raj and Tina married because he had promised Tina's father that they will get their children married.  Tina confesses her love to Raj and he is unable to reply anything.  Wedding preparations are on in full swing in the house and Raj and Pooja are both heartbroken.

Raj promised Pooja that he will marry Tina but under the condition that Pooja first gets married to someone.

Raj introduces Pooja to Rohan Verma at a party organized by his parents where Rohan starts flirting  with Pooja.  Rohan proposes to Pooja and they both get ready to get married.  Both Pooja and Tina are getting married on the same day.  During the preparations Raj accidently drops the sindoor box which falls on Pooja's forehead.  Tina has also by then realized that Raj and Pooja love each other and she asks them to marry each other.

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Toilet: Ek Prem Katha - Cast

Akshay Kumar as Keshav
Bhumi Pednekar as Jaya
Anupam Kher as Kakka
Divyendu Sharma as Keshav's friend
Sana Khan as Keshav's girlfriend
Sudhir Pandey as Bauji
Mukesh Bhatt as Rastogi
Rajesh Sharma
Jaspal Sharma as Dabloo
Vikas Pal as Hari
Kimti Anand as Pradhan
Vijay Kumar Dogra
Satyajeet Dubey
Satyen Chaturvedi

STORY: Go-getter Keshav (Akshay) serenades liberal-thiner Jaya (Bhumi), a woman from his neighbouring village in Uttar Pradesh.  They marry but it doesn't strike Keshav to tell her that his house does not have a toilet.  This then becomes the grounds for Jaya to file for a divorce.

REVIEW: For most of us who take the toilets in our homes for granted, the burning issue of 58% Indians practising open defacation could be a flush-worthy concept.  But, director Shree Narayan Singh holds up a mirror to society, showing us how our superstitous villagers, lazy administration and corrupt politicians have actually converted India into the world's largest shit-pond.  Women especially, are treated more insensitively than cattle!

NDTV : When what should at best have been a ten-minute public service film bloats into a two-and-a-half-hour, patience-testing, yawn-inducing Bollywood puff-job for a government scheme, it is bound to stink to high heaven.  Toilet: Ek Prem Katha does.

Editor-director Shree Narayan Singh presents a corny; cringe-worthy mix of entertainment and edification in the service of the much tom-tommed Swacch Bharat campaign.  In the end, it is no more than a filmed pamphlet - patchy, pulpy, preachy and painfully protracted.  It is a classic case of flippant treatment and ham-fisted execution mutilating a serious subject beyond recognition.

The political partisanship on show here is unprecedented for a Mumbai mainstreak flick.  When the text of the  film refers to a big toilet scam, it quickly points out that all of it happened four years ago.  It also grabs the opportunity to slip in a laudatory reference to demonization.  In doing so, the films's makers complete expose their leanings.


Vivek Oberoi as Arvind Chauhan
Antara Mali as Lakshmi
Manoj Bajpayee as Babu
Sayaji Shinde as Inspector Singh
Vijay Raaz as Villager
Snehal Dabi as Traveller
Makrand Deshpande as Inderpal
Ganesh Yadav as Watchman
Rajpal Yadav as Bhanwar Singh
Raj Zutshi as Kishen Bhai
Koena Mitra in a special appearance

Arvind and Lakshmi are in love and wish to get married.  But Lakshmi's dad does not like Arvind and hence they decide to elope.  They make a road trip from Delhi to Rajasthan.  On the way the bump into a psycopath Babu who convinces them to give him a lift.  On the way Babu manages to run away with Lakshmi.   Arvind takes the help of Inderpal and Bhanwar Singh to rescue Lakshmi.

Babu manages to catch up with them again with the intention of having his way.

Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya - CAST

Abhishek Bachchan as Shiv Kapoor
Akshay Kumar as Raj Malhotra
Karishma Kapoor as Pooja Kashyap
Simone Singh as Meghna
Himani Shivpuri as Maria
Shakti Kapoor as Chinni
Navneet Nishan as Neha
Mohnish Behl as Pooja's Brother
Supriya Karnik
Sophiya Haque as Dancer
Upasna Singh
Dolly Bindra
Razak Khan as Dil- phenk Hyderabadi
Kadar Khan

INDIA TODAY :  The film: Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya (HMBPK). The director: Dharmesh Darshan, who crafted Karishma Kapoor's rise to stardom.

The music: the hit duo Nadeem-Shravan.  Add Akshay Kumar and Karishma Kapoor on the marquee.  Plus that hint of an off-screen chemistry between Karisma and Abhishek Bachchan.  Its the kind of combo that normally has Bollywood abuzz with garam vibes.

OUTLOOK : It is a lesson in how to make a bad film.  The first half is wasted in building and destroying one love angle, then the second is used to create 'interest' in another.  Dharmesh Darshan's effort is to trite and predictable that you wonder at the incredible gall of the makers - who boast of a creditable list of good films like Lootere, Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan - come up with something devoid even of a decent look?

The story begins with the usual boy meets / gets into a fight with a girl syndrome.  Abhishek Bachchan is the supposedly unemployed youth conned into giving up a job interview by Karishma.  The latter poses as the boss's daughter to rob the dude of a shot at the executive manager's post.  Obviously, Abhishek doesn't take the insult lying  down - after getting the general manager's job, he calls Karishma to his room and gives her the scolding of her life: Mujhse shaadi karogee? 

Rockstar - About the film


Ranbir Kapoor as Janardan Jordan Jakhar
Nargis Fakhri as Heer Kaul
Aditi Rao Hydari as Sheena
Kumur Mishra as Khatana
Piyush Mishra as Dhingra
Moufid Aziz as Jai
Shammi Kapoor as Ustad Jameel Khan
Shernaz Patel as Neena Kaul
Jaideep Ahlawat as Jordan's brother
Shreya Narayan as Jordan's sister-in-law
Nizami Bandhu as Qawwal
Sharad Sharma as Virat Kaul
Sanjana Sanghi as Mandy Kaul

The story is about Janardan aka JJ a Jat from Delhi.  Movie is a series of flashbacks and flash forwards.  JJ had always dreamt of becoming an International Star.  His friends always laughed at him for this.  JJ wants to experience pain as he believes that this will help him become a superstar.  He makes friends with Heer Kaul who he has heard is a heartbreaking machine.  JJ and Heer become very close friends over time.

Later Heer gets engaged and later married to Jai.  JJs family throws him out of the house for attending Heer's wedding.  JJ is accused of stealing cash at the wedding.  He takes refuge in a dargah for a couple of months and sings qawwalis there.   Ustad Jameel Khan, a Padma Bhushan classical artist hears him singing at the Dargah and asks Dhingra, the owner of a record Company to sign JJ since he feels JJ will become a popular star and everyone will earn month.  Sheena, a journalist intereviews JJ and hints to him that Dhingra is planning to send artists to Europe for recordingss.  JJ instantly volunteers to work with Dhingra.

The rest of the film is about Heer meeting again and then again getting seperated.

Housefull 3


Akshay Kumar as Sandy
Riteish Deshmukh as Teddy
Abhishek Bachchan as Bunty
Jacqueline Fernandez as Ganga
Lisa Haydon
Nargis Fakhri
Boman Irani
Jackie Shroff

TIMES OF INDIA:  If you have seen the two earlier instalments of this franchise, you already know that it purely a 'leave-your-brains-behind' affair.  The premise is an insensitive comedy of errors.  But unlike Gulzar's gem Angoor (1982), this one is not about twins.  Its so convoluted, it will make Shakespeare turn in his grave.  Sample this.  Sandy, who wants to play football in the English Premier League becomes Sundy (Mr. Hyde kinda guy) when his coach makes a racist remark and refers to him as Indian!  ooh; the simple Samaritan becomes aggressive, contorts his face and goes Ballistic, till you almost reach out to the screen and say stop - we cant take this more

FIRST POST: One of the formulae most often visited by Bollywood comedies is the business of assigning a distinctive quirk to major characters in a story.  The writers of Housefull 34 are clearly very enthusiastic about this device since they use it rather generously in their film...........

Great Grand Masti - Cast

Riteish Deshmukh as Amar Saxena
Vivek Oberoi as Meet Mehta
Aftab Shivdasani as Prem Chawla
Urvashi Rautela as Ragini / Shabri
Pooja Bose as Sapna Amar Saxena
Mishti as Rekha Meet Mehta
Shraddha Das as Nisha Prem Chawla
Kangna Sharma as Prem's sister in law
Usha Nadkarni as Amar's mother-in-law
Ketan Karande as Meet's brother in law
Sanjay Mishra
Shreyas Talpade
Sonali Raut
Sudesh Lehri
Ghazal Sharma

HINDUSTAN TIMES:  Great Grand Masti is about a ghost who needs sex.  No, I'm not kidding.  Ragini died a virgin.  Her aatma won't get shanti unless she enjoys a suhaag raat.  Enter our three heroes - Amar, Prem and Meet.  If you've watched the earlier films in the franchise, you will know that they are all married but they function like dogs in heat - minimal intelligence and raging libidos.  They are always, always looking for sex.

They come to the haveli where Ragini (Urvashi Rautela) resides - she wafts around wearing cholis so tight and so tiny that I was worried one would rip off if she took a deep breath.  Ragini insists that they sleep with her willingly because, 'masti ka mazaa zabardasti mein nahin hai'.  But sleeping with her means death.  And so our boys must save themselves and actually say further

INDIAN EXPRESS:  Those who have been following the escapades of the 'Masti' boys will know that they have been stuck in a limbo: bbetween 'biwis' who will not put out and other women who are dying to, between pills that stiffen male private parts and receptacles to insert said parts into, between,,, I can go on, but I can see you cringe.

So did I, in this offensively unfunny, grating thing (nothing 'great' about it) which should not be allowed to call itself a film.

INDIA TODAY: From the makers of the horrex Ragini MMS 2 and drug drama Udta Punjab, comes a horrcom (horror pls comedy) - Great Grand Masti,  Only this one has next to no laughs.  What Great Grand Masti does, knowingly or unknowingly, is subvert the sex comedy genre by having the horny husbands meet their match in an equally horny female ghost who wants to satisfy her own unmet carnal needs and thereby attain nirvana.  It also pokes fun at Ekta Kapoor dominated small screen's latest obsession with shape-shifting female leads (Naagin, Sasural Simar Ka).  Thats the extent of originality you'll see here.  Rest is all brain more

THE HINDU:  Some films make you roll your eyes.  So much that they begin to hurt.  Great Grand Masti could not stir up any other reaction in me.  It had me rolling my eyes when Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) plays piano with, guess what, his instrument that is in the state of a Viagra-induced erection.  His friends Amar (Riteish Deshmukh) and Meet (Vivek Oberoi) rib him for playiing piano with his bansuri (flute).  The ditty being performed is as meaningful - Khambe jaise khadi hai.

The three men are desperate for some action but cant't get any at home.  While Amar is saddled with a witch of a mom-in-law, Prem has a juvenile sister-in-law, the wife's twin, who plays the spoilsport.  So they decide to go to Amar's derelict haunted bungalow in Dudhwadi where they encounter a ghost, Ragini, who is also looking for some action.  Just like them.  You see it's the suhaag raat (with just about anyonne) that can get her the due deliverence....continued

Bank Chor


Riteish Deshmukh as Champak Chandrakant Chiplunkar
Vivek Oberoi as Amjad Khan
Vikram Thapa as Genda
Rhea Chakraborty as Gayatri Ganguly
Sahil Vaid as Jugnu
Bhuvan Arora as Gulab
Baba Sehgal

BANK CHOR STORY: Champak and his minions attempt a bank robbery but Inspector Amjad Khan is ready to double-cross them,  As they hatch an escape plan, a third player gets ready to rob them of their glory.

BANK CHOR REVIEW.. The blue print of Bank Chor must have had one instruction on it: Include joked about people that Indian Twitter users love to cringe-watch.  So there's an inexplicable cameo by Baba Sehgal, a really (really:) forced joke about Bappi Lahiri, a reference to Himesh Reshammiya and a throwaway line about a certain loudmouth news anchor....Wonder why the writers left our Bobby more

INDIA TODAY:  Bank Chor is the story of three novices who set out to rob a bank - believer of vaastu Champak (Riteish Deshmukh) and his two Dilliwale lackeys, Genda (Vikram Thapa) and Gulab (Bhuvan Arora).  Even as they're fumbling their way with the robbery, the police reach the scene.  Soon, the CBI arrives too, with criminal-hating. tough-as-nails CBI officer Amjad Khan (Vivek Oberoi) determined to save the day and teach the bank chors a lesson.  But who called the CBI for a simple bank robbery?  Is there something bigger going on?....contd

FORBES: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Rhea Chakraborty play dimwits who attempt to rob a bank in Bank Chor, a Hindi film which the producers claim, tongue-in-cheek, will push the boundaries for cinema technology. .....continued

Munna Michael - Cast

Tiger Shroff as Munna Michael
Siddharth Nigam as Teenage Munna
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Mahinder Fauji
Nidhhi Agerwal as Dolly
Ronit Roy as Michael
Pankaj Tripathi as Balli
Anaika Soti as Nikki
Sudesh Lehri as Inspector Shinde

TIMES OF INDIA:  With Tiget around, filmmakers normally do not bother finding a script.  Instead they just coast along joining the dots of a routing story with neatly-choreographed songs and fights at regular intervals.  You can almost record screen proceedings with your stopwatch because after every 15 minutes, there is a song, fight, song, fight and some  more more

HINDUSTAN TIMES: Like typical bollywood kids, this one too grows up to become Munna (Tiger SHroff), a super dancer, in one song.  His antics and need for month takes him to Delhi where he begins teaching dance stepto Maninder Fauji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a land shark and a closet dancer.  Their fine-tuned bromance goes for a toss the moment Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal) enters the frame.


Kajol as Radhika
Kamal Sadanah as Rohit
Ajay Mankotia as Vicky
Tanuja as Radhika's mother
Vijayendra Ghatge as Radhika's father
Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Rohit's father
Rajendranath as Rambhau alias Rambo
Farida Jalal as Aunty

Radhika's parents have arranged her marriage to Vicky in Canada.  Radhika insists on going  there to meet him personally in order to know him better.  Once in Canada she meets Vicky and likes him but then she meets Rohit and falls in love with Rohit.  Her parents are outraged and alongwith Vicky plan to force Radhika to marry Vicky.

This was Kajol's debut film.

The movie has amazing songs

Khat Maine Tera Naam Likha sung by Kumar Sanu and Asha Bhosle

Aa Khel Khele Hum by Kumar Sanu and Asha Bhosle

Tu Kahan Kahan Yeh Baya by Vinod Rathod

Dekh Ke Yeh Roomal by Kumar Sanu
and Asha Bhosle

Dekh Ke Yeh Roomal by Asha Bhosle

Daddy Mummy Meri Shaadi by Kumar Sanu and Asha Bhosle

Main Pyar Karye Wala Hoon by Vinod Rathod

Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Shruti Hassan as Sona
Girish Kumar as Ram
Sonu Sood as Raghuveer ( Sona's Brother )
Randhir Kapoor as Siddhanth (Ram's Father)
Vinod Khanna as Station Master
Poonam Dhillon as Ashwini ( Ram's Mom)
Satish Shah as Karishnakant
Govind Namdev as Jamindar
Nassar as Jayprakash
Anchal Singh as Ria
Paresh Ganatra as Bijlee
Sarfaraz Khan as Jamindar's Son
Namit Shah as Child Artist
Zakir Hussain as Baddy on the Train
Aarti as Gauri
Harry Josh as Afzal
Prabhu Deva as Special Appearance
Jacqueline Fernandez as Special Appearance

This musical love story by Prabhudeva is a remake of his Telugu directorial debut film Nuvvostante Nenoddantana.

Its the story of Ram, a rich Indian brat brought up in Australia who falls in love with a simple village girl Sona.

Raghuveer father gets married a second time and removes Raghuveer and Sona from the house alongwith their mother.  Their mother dies and Raghuveer builds a tomb in their fields.  One day the Zamindar comes to take away the land because their mother had taken a loan from them. Raghuveer promises to work for the Zamindar and pay off the loan because he does not want to loose the land where his mother’s tomb stands.  The Station Master helps them as kids and thus they grow up together.

Ram’s mother Poonam Dhillon does not approve of the match because Sona is a poor girl and she wants her son to marry someone rich.  

Sona’s brother Raghuveer gives Ram some challenges which he has to win in order to marry Sona.

The rest of the movie is about how Ram confronts all the challenges put up to him and in the end marries Sona with everyone's blessings.

Baazigar - CAST

Shahrukh Khan as Ajay Sharma / Vicky Malhotra
Kajol as Priya Chopra
Shilpa Shetty as Seema Chopra
Rakhee Gulzar as Ajay's mother
Dalip Tahil as Madan Chopra
Siddharth Ray as Inspector Karan Saxena
Johny Lever as Babu Lal
Anant Mahadevan as Vishwanath Sharma
Resham Tipnis as Anjali Sinha
Dinesh Hingoo as Bajodia Seth
Manmauji as Servant
Adi Irani as Vicky Malhotra
Master Sumeet as Young Ajay
Sharad Sankla as Charlie
Daboo Malik as ramesh
Raju Shrivastav as a friend

Multimillionaire Madan Chopra has two daughters Seema and Priya.  Ajay Sharma
takes the identity of his friend Vicky Malhotra to take revenge on Madan Chopra who had usurped his father Vishwanath Sharma's business empire.  Ajay pretends to love Seema and murders her when he gets the chance.  But he makes it look as it its a suicide.  He also kills Seema's friend when they recognize him as Seema's boyfriend.  Priya has doubts on Ajay and starts investigating the matter with the help of her friend Karan.  Finally Priya meets the real Vicky and comes to know everything about Ajay's past.

Baazigar O Baazigar sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik
Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen by Kumar Sanu and Anu Malik
Kitabein Bahut Si by Asha Bhosle and Vinod Rathod
Chhupana Bhi Nahi Aata by Vinod Rathod
Samajh Kar Chand Jis Ko by Alka Yagnik and Vinod Rathod
Ae Mere Humsafar by Alka Yagnik and Vinod Rathod
Tere Chehre Pe by Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal

Shahrukh Khan won the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor
Anu Malik won a Filmfare Award for Best Music Direction
Kumar Sanu got the Film Fare award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song 'Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhen"
Robin Bhatt, Javed Siddiqui and Akash Khurana got the Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz - Cast

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Babumoshai Bandookbaaz
Chitrangada Singh
Tahir Bhasin
Bidita bag
Roopa Ganguly
Prosenjit Chatterjee
Tota Roy Chowdhury
Biswajit Chakraborty
Shraddha Das
Divya Dutta
Murli Sharma
Sanjay Inamdar as Premchand

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Varun Dhawan as Badrinath Bansal
Alia Bhatt as Vaidehi Trivedi
Sahil Vaid as Somdev
Yash Sinha as Aloknath Bansal
Sukhmani Lamba as Kritika
Aakanksha Singh as Kiran
Gauhar Khan as Laxmi Shankar
Aparshakti Khurana as Bhushan
Shweta Basu Prasad as Urmila
Rituraj Singh as Badrinath's father
Kanupriya Pandit as Vaidehi's mother
Atul Narang as Sagar
Gaurav Pandey as Gurmeet

Jolly LLB 2

Akshay Kumar as Jolly / Jagdishwar Mishra
Huma Qureshi as Pushpa Pandey
Ram Gopal Bajaj as Rizvi Sahab
Saurabh Shukla as Justice Sunderlal Tripathi
Annu Kapoor as Pramod Mathur
Kaustubh Pile as Mathur's assistant
Manav Kaul as Iqbal Qasim
Inaamulhaq as Mohammed Iqbal Quadri
Sanjay Mishra as Guruji
Sayani Gupta as Hina Siddiqui
Kumud Mishra as Inspector Suryaveer Singh
Avijit Dutt as Police Commissioner V.K. Paul
Brijendra Kala as Dubeyji
Vinod Nagpal as Zahoor Siddiqui
Rajiv GUpta as Birbal
Sunil Kmar Palwal as Fahim Butt
Shubhangi Latkar


Hritik Roshan as Rohan Bhatnagar
Yami Gautami as Supriya Sharma/Bhatnagar
Ronit Roy as Madhavrao Shellar
Narendra Jha as Inspector Amol Chaube
Rohit Roy as Amit Shellar
Sahidur Rahman as Wasim
Akhilendra Mishra as Wasim's father
Girish Kulkarni as Sub Inspector Pravin Nalavde
Urvashi Rautela in a special appearance

Begum Jaan

Naseeruddin Shah as Rajaji
Vidya Balan as Begum Jaan
Pallavi Sharda as Gulabo
Gauhar Khan as Rubina
Pitobash as Surjeet
Mishti as Shabnam
Chunkey Pandey as Kabir
Rajesh Sharma as Shyam
Ashish Vidyarthi as Harshwardhan
Fllora Saini as Maina
Ridhima Tiwari as Amba
Poonam Rajput as Rani
Rajit Kapoor as Ilias
Vivek Mushran as Master
Priyanka Setia as Jameela
Ila Arun as Amma
Raviza Chauhan as Lata
Gracy Goswami as Laadli
Sumit Nijhawan as Salim Mirza


Salman Khan as Laxman Singh Bisht
Sohail Khan as Bharat Singh Bisht
Isha Talwar as Maya
Matin Rey Tangu as Gu Won
Zhu Zhu as Li Leing
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Narayan
Brijendra Kala as Shopkeeper
Om Puri as Banne Chacha
Shahrukh Khan as Magician Gogo Pasha
Yashpal Sharma as Major Rajbir Tokas


Shahrukh Khan as Raees Alam
Mahira Khan as Aasiya Alam
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as IPS Jaideep Ambalal Majumdar
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Sadiq
Atul Kulkarni as Jairaj Seth
Sheeba Chaddha as Amina Alam
Narendra Jha as Musa
Jaideep Ahlawat as Nawab
Uday Tikekar as Pasha Bhai
Kundan Roy
Pramod Pathak as Chief Minister of Gujarat
Utkarsh Mazumdar as Dr. Sanjanwala
Ashutosh Jha
Sunil Upadhyay
Fareed Arif as Eijaz
Loveleen Mishra
Anil Mange
Anurag Arora
Sanjay Gurbaxani
Raj Arjun
Bhagwan Tiwari
Shubham Tukaram
Shubham Chintamani
Sunny Leone in a special appearance

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali
Anushka Shetty as Yuvarani Devasena
Rana Daggubati as Bhallaladeva
Ramya Krishnan as  Rajamata Sivagami
Sathyaraj as Kattappa
Nassar as Bijjaladeva
Subbaraju as Kumara Varma
Tamannaah as Avantika
Meka Ramakrishna as Jayasena
Ashrita Vemuganti as Devasena's sister in law
Pruthviraj Balireddy as Prime Minister of Kunthala Kingdom
Rohini as Sanga, Sivudu's foster mother

Saathiya - Cast

Vivek Oberoi as Aditya Sehgal
Rani Mukherji as Suhani Sharma Sehgal
Tanuja as Shobana Sharma
Satish Shah as Om Sehgal
Sharat Saxena as Chandraprakash Sharma
Swaroop Sampat as Shanti
Sandhya Mridul as Dina Sharma
Anju Mahendru as Prema
Shahrukh Khan as Yeshwant Rao
Tabu as Savitri Rao
Aditya Srivastava as IAS Officer
Shamita Shetty in a special appearance
Aarya Mehta as Pinky


Ajay Devgan as N. Malik
Vivek Oberoi as Chandrakant Nagre
Manisha Koirala as Saroja
Mohanlal as Veerapalli Srinivasan IPS
Seema Biswas as Ranibai
Antara Mali as Kannu
Akash Khurana as Vilas Pandit
Urmila Matondkar  in a special appearance
Isha Koppikar in a special appearance
Rajpal Yadav as Joseph
Shabbir Masani as David Khan
Ashraful Haque as Krishnan
Vijay Raaz as Koda Singh
Rajendra Sethi as Saeed
Gopal K. Singh
Mukesh Bhatt
Madan Joshi
Bharat Dabholkar
Ganesh Yadav
Akshay Verma
Manoj Goyal
Pankaj Jha

Achanak - Cast

Vinod Khanna as Major Ranjeet Khanna
Lily Chakravarty as Mrs. Pushpa Khanna
Dr. Chaudhary as Om Shivpuri
Farida Jalal as Radha
Asrani as Dr. Kailash
Iftekar as Colonel Bakshi
Kamal Deep as Superintdent of Police Mr. Gupta
Ravi Raaj
Baby Pinky
Bihari Khare
Keshto Mukherjee
Om Shivpuri

achanak साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Namak Haram - Cast

Amitabh Bachchan as Vikram Maharaj
Rajesh Khanna as Somnath Maharaj
Simi Garewal as Manisha
Rekha as Shyama
Asrani as Dhondu
A.K. Hangal as Bipinlal Pandey
Manju as Rama
Om Shivpuri as Damodar Maharaj
Manmohan as Jai Singh
Durga Khote
Raza Murad
Jayshree T.

namak haram साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Ashadh Ka Ek Din - Cast

Aruna Irani
Arun Khopkar
Rekha Sabnis
Om Shivpuri

ashadh ka ek din साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Alka Yagnik - Songs

1993 - Baazigar

Baazigar O Baazigar with Kumar Sanu 
Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen with Kumar Sanu
Samajh Kar Chand Jis Ko with Vinod Rathod
Ae Mere Humsafar with Vinod Rathod

Vinod Rathod - Songs

1992 - BEKHUDI
Tu Kahan Kahan Yeh Bata - Solo
Main Pyar Karne Wala Hoon - Solo

Asha Bhosle - Songs

1992 - Bekhudi
Khat Maine Tera Naam Likha with Kumar Sanu
Aa Khel Khele Hum with Kumar Sanu
Dekh Ke Yeh Roomal with Kumar Sanu
Dekh Ke Yeh Roomal - Solo
Daddy Mummy Meri Shaadi with Kumar Sanu
Mujhe Kya Pata Tera Ghar with Kumar Sanu

Kumar Sanu - Songs

1982 - Bekhudi
Khat Maine Tere Naam Lika with Asha Bhosle
Aa Khel Khele Hum with Asha Bhosle
Dekh Ke Yeh Roomal with Asha Bhosle
Daddy Mummy Meri Shaadi with Asha Bhosle
Mujhe Kya Pata Tera Ghar with Asha Bhosle

1993 - Baazigar

Baazigar O Baazigar with Alka Yagnik
Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein with Anu Malik
Tere Chehre Pe with Anuradha Paudwal

Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha Sun Ladki Ke bhai lyrics

Saath baras kee umar hai, phir bhee lagta ek shehjaada - (2)
Kee naubat dhol baje jan nache kudee da dada
Kee naubat dol baje

Hey balle balle balle oy

Jhum rahe hain dharatee ambar jhum rahee duniya (2)
Kee naubat dhol baje jan nache kudee dee ma
Kee Kaubat dhol baje
Ja naa chachi nach naa

Sar aangan ve kone kone gunj uthee shehnai (2)
Kee naubat dhol baje jan nache kudee de bhai
Kee naubat dhol baje

Oye balle balle balle oye oye
Oye shekhar yar naa chugle yar
Mach naa nach naa nach naa

Arre arre chhodo yaar, main nahi nachunga vachunga
Oye puttar nach naa behen dee sagai che
Ta Pai nu nachna hee painda hai
Han toh phir bade bhaiya ko nachao na
Kyon teree bhee toh behen hai
Oye ay gal changee bolee 

Oh come on shekhar nacho naa
Nahee nahee mujhe nahee nachna

Aaj hai sagai, sun ladki ke bhai (2)
Jara nach ke hamko dikha
Aaj hai sagai, sun ladki ke bhai
Jara nach ke humko dikha
kudee kee tarah naa sharma (2)
Hay too meree gal maan jaa, too mere gal maan jaa

Sabko nachau, nach nachake dikhau
Aa mujhko gale se laga (2)
Mund se jara aankh lada (2)
Oye Too mere gal maan jaa, hay too mere gal maan jaa
Oye Soniye

Sar pe sajake sehra, baaraat leke aau
Dulhan tujhe banaake, dolee me leke jau
O shava O shava O shava O shava
Bholee samajhke mujhpe na daal aise daane
Shaadi nahee karungee, jaa maan jaa deewane

O Shava O Shava O shava O shava
Sun albelee mere tanha akelee, abb katatee nahee ratiya
Jaa re harjai chal chhod kalaayee, sab dekhatee hain sakhiya
Too mere gal maan jaa (2)

Oye too mere gal maan jaa, hay too mere gal maan jaa Oye maan jaa

hey... hey
Kehate hain mere sakhiya, dil me hain chor tere
Kyon haath dhoke aise, pichhe padha hain mere
o shava O shava O shava O shava
Main naa aau tere sang, tere achche nahi dhang
Naa aise baat badha
Mujhe kar naa too tang abb band kar jung
Aa banke dulhan ghar aa
Too mere gal maan jaa (2)
Han too mere gal maan jaa, ha too mere gal maan jaa

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Ajay Devgan as Shekhar
Kajol As Sanjana
Om Puri as Inspector Khan
Ghanshyam Rohera as Ram Singh
Sunil Grover as Barber
Bijay Anand as Rahul
Kashmira Shah as Nisha Jaitley
Harish Patel as Sanjana's Uncle
Reema Lagoo as Shekhar's bhabhi
Anjan Shrivastav as Shekhar's father
Tiku Talsania as Kumar Mangat
Brahmachari as Station Master
Satish Kaushik as Nisha's father
Mushtaq Khan as Thief

Jaspinder Narula recieved the Filmfare Award for the Best Playback Singer Female for the title song 'Pyar To Hona Hi Tha'

One of Kajol's best movies with great songs.

Aaj hai sagai, sun ladki ke bhai lyrics

Laxmikant Berde - List of films

  1. 1989 - Maine Pyar Kiya
  2. 1991 - Trinetra
  3. 1991 - 100 Days
  4. 1991 - Pratikar
  5. 1991 - Dancer
  6. 1991 - Saajan
  7. 1992 - Kasak
  8. 1992 - Parda Hai Parda
  9. 1992 - I Love You
  10. 1992 - Beta
  11. 1992 - Dil Ka Kya Kasoor
  12. 1992 - Deedar
  13. 1992 - Anaam
  14. 1992 - Geet
  15. 1993 - Tehqiqaat
  16. 1993 - Sangram
  17. 1993 - Hasti
  18. 1993 - Aadmi Khilona Hai
  19. 1993 - Dil Ki Baazi
  20. 1993 - Anari
  21. 1993 - Krishan Avtaar
  22. 1993 - Phoor Aur Angaar
  23. 1993 - Gumrah
  24. 1993 - Sainik
  25. 1993 - Santaan
  26. 1994 - Criminal
  27. 1994 - Brahma
  28. 1994 - Janta Ki Adalat
  29. 1994 - Kranti Kshetra
  30. 1994 - The Gentleman
  31. 1994 - Dilbar
  32. 1994 - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
  33. 1994 - Brahma
  34. 1995 - Hathkadi
  35. 1995 - Tawdeerwala
  36. 1995 - Khilona Bana Khalnayak
  37. 1995 - Saajan Ki Baahon Mein
  38. 1996 - Masoom
  39. 1996 - Chahat
  40. 1996 - Ajay
  41. 1997 - Ganga Mangey Khoon
  42. 1997 - Nazar
  43. 1997 - Qahar
  44. 1997 - Hamesha
  45. 1997 - Dhaal: The Battle of Law Against Law
  46. 1997 - Zor
  47. 1997 - Zameer : The Awakening of a Soul
  48. 1997 - Mere Sapno Ki Rani
  49. 1998 - Deewana Hoon Pagal Nahin
  50. 1998 - Hafta Vasuli
  51. 1998 - Sar Utha Ki Jiyo
  52. 1999 - Kahani Kismat Ki
  53. 1999 - Dil Kya Kare
  54. 1999 - Aag Hi Aag
  55. 1999 - Lo Main Aa Gaya
  56. 1999 - Arzoo
  57. 1999 - Jaanam Samjha Karo
  58. 1999 - Rajaji
  59. 2000 - Shikaar
  60. 2000 - Sabse Bada Beimaan
  61. 2000 - Papa The Great
  62. 2000 - Beti No 1
  63. 2000 - Kaam Granth
  64. 2001 - Beti Aur Padosan
  65. 2001 - Hello Girls
  66. 2001 - Chhupa Rustam: A Musical Thriller
  67. 2001 - Uljhan
  68. 2002 - Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam
  69. 2002 - Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai
  70. 2002 - Bharat Bhagya Vidhaya
  71. 2003 - Khanjar: The Knife
  72. 2003 - Baap Ka Baap
  73. 2003 - Tu Bal Brahmachari Main Hoon Kanya Kunwari
  74. 2004 - Hatya: The Murder
  75. 2004 - Tauba Tauba
  76. 2004 - Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahin
  77. 2004 - Ghar Grihasti
  78. 2004 - Patli Kamar Lambe Baal
  79. 2004 - Insaan

Bhagyashree - List of films

  1. 1989 - Maine Pyar Kiya
  2. 1992 - Qaid Mein Hain Bulbul
  3. 1992 - Tyagi
  4. 1992 - Paayal
  5. 1993 - Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi
  6. 1996 - Mappillai Manasu Poopola
  7. 1997 - Ammavra Ganda
  8. 1997 - Sautan Ki Sautan
  9. 1997 - Omkaram
  10. 1998 - Rana
  11. 1999 - Satru Dhwansa
  12. 2001 - Hello Girls
  13. 2003 - Avunaa
  14. 2003 - Maa Santoshi Maa
  15. 2005 - Balidaan
  16. 2005 - Uthaile Ghoongta Chand Dekhle
  17. 2005 - Ego Chumma Deda Rajaji
  18. 2006 - Humko Deewana Kar Gaye
  19. 2006 - Janani
  20. 2006 - Gandugali Kumara Rama
  21. 2007 - Janam Janam Ke Saath
  22. 2007 - Mumbai Aamchich
  23. 2009 - Zhak Marli Bayko Keli
  24. 2010 - Sati Behula
  25. 2010 - Red Alert : The War Within
  26. 2013 - Deva

Alok Nath - List of films

  1. 1982 - Gandhi
  2. 1984 - Amar Jyoti
  3. 1984 - Mashaal
  4. 1984 - Saaransh
  5. 1984 - Aaj Ki Awaaz
  6. 1984 - Pet Pyaar Aur Paap
  7. 1984 - Sheeshay Ka Ghar
  8. 1985 - Apna Jahan
  9. 1985 - Faasle
  10. 1987 - Kachchi Kali
  11. 1987 - Zevar
  12. 1987 - Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahin
  13. 1987 - Mohre
  14. 1987 - Marte Dam Tak
  15. 1987 - Kaamaagni
  16. 1988 - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
  17. 1988 - Kabzaa
  18. 1988  - Main Zinda Hoon
  19. 1988 - Dayavan
  20. 1988 - Agnee
  21. 1988 - Trishagni
  22. 1988 - Hamara Khandaan
  23. 1989 - Bandook Dahej Ke Seenay Par
  24. 1989 - Joshilay
  25. 1989 - Kasam Suhaag Ki
  26. 1989 - Suryaa: An Awakening
  27. 1989 - Anjaane Rishte
  28. 1989 - Maine Pyar Kiya
  29. 1990 - Sur Asur
  30. 1990 - Insaaf Ka Suraj
  31. 1990 - Andha Bichar
  32. 1990 - Agneepath
  33. 1990 - Lekin
  34. 1990 - Shadyantra
  35. 1990 - Hatimtai
  36. 1990 - CID
  37. 1990 - Jamai Raja
  38. 1990 - Pati Parmeshwar
  39. 1990 - Dushman
  40. 1990 -Din Dahade
  41. 1991 - Netraheen Sakshi
  42. 1991 - Majboor Ladki
  43. 1991 - Vishu Devaa
  44. 1991 - Ayee Milan Ki Raat
  45. 1991 - Baharon Ke Manzil
  46. 1991 - Pyar Bhara dil
  47. 1991 - Dastoor
  48. 1991 - Phool Bane Angaarey
  49. 1991 - Maut Ki Sazaa
  50. 1992 - Mehboob Mere Mehboob
  51. 1992 - Khel
  52. 1992 - Gori
  53. 1992 - Dil Ne Ikraar Kiya
  54. 1992 - Shola Aur Shabnam
  55. 1992 - Vishwatma
  56. 1992 - Meera Ka Mohan
  57. 1992 - Sahebzaade
  58. 1992 - Deewana
  59. 1992 - Bol Radha Bol
  60. 1992 - Sone Ki Zanjeer
  61. 1992 - Tirangaa
  62. 1992 - Sapne Sajan Ke
  63. 1992 - Sanam Tere Hain Hum
  64. 1992 - Police Mujrim
  65. 1992 - Naseemwaala
  66. 1993 - Shri Krishna Bakta Narsi
  67. 1993 - Shabnam
  68. 1993 - Dharam Ka Insaaf
  69. 1993 - Aye Meri Bekhudi
  70. 1993 - Tara
  71. 1993 - Chingari Aur Sholay
  72. 1993 - Game
  73. 1993 - Antim Nyay
  74. 1993 - Divya Shakti
  75. 1993 - Izzat Ki Roti
  76. 1993 - Chor Aur Chand
  77. 1993 - Sainik
  78. 1993 - Dil Hai Betaab
  79. 1993 - Sainik
  80. 1993 - Kasam Teri Kasam
  81. 1993 - Zakhmo Ka Hisaab
  82. 1993 - Jaan Par Khel Kar
  83. 1994 - Sone Ki Sita
  84. 1994 - Rakhwale
  85. 1994 - Kohk
  86. 1994 - Zamane Se Kya Darna
  87. 1994 - Insaniyat
  88. 1994 - Laadla
  89. 1994 - Kanoon
  90. 1994 - Chauraha
  91. 1994 - Mahashaktishaali
  92. 1994 - Saajan Ka Ghar
  93. 1994 - Gangster
  94. 1994 - Anth
  95. 1994 - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun 
  96. 1994 - Eena Meena Deeka
  97. 1994 - Zaalim
  98. 1994 - Sangdil Sanam
  99. 1994 - Mr. Asaad
  100. 1995 - Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon
  101. 1995 - Jeena Nahin Bin Tere
  102. 1995 - Jai Vikraanta
  103. 1995 - Hathkadi
  104. 1995 - Gaddaar
  105. 1995 - Sidhi
  106. 1995 - Ravan Raaj: A True Story
  107. 1995 - Hulchul
  108. 1995 - Hum Dono
  109. 1995 - Ram Shastra
  110. 1995 - Kartavya
  111. 1996 - Vijeta
  112. 1996 - Agni Sakshi
  113. 1996 - Agni Prem
  114. 1996 - Papa Kehte Hain
  115. 1996 - Maahir
  116. 1996 - Jeet
  117. 1996 - Zordar
  118. 1996 - Rakshak
  119. 1996 - Talaashi
  120. 1996 - Hahakaar
  121. 1996 - Ek Tha Raja
  122. 1997 - Char Dham
  123. 1997 - Anyay Hi Anyay
  124. 1997 - Jeevan Yudh
  125. 1997 - Lahoo Ke Do Rang
  126. 1997 - Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha
  127. 1997 - Dil Kitna Nadan Hai
  128. 1997 - Insaaf: The Final Justice
  129. 1997 - Ghoonghat
  130. 1997 - Khwab
  131. 1997 - Pardes
  132. 1998 - Tirchhi Topiwale
  133. 1998 - Mafia Raaj
  134. 1998 - Vinashak - Destroyer
  135. 1998 - Kabhi Na Kabhi
  136. 1998 - Bada Din
  137. 1999 - Amruta
  138. 1999 - Aa Ab Laut Chalen
  139. 1999 - Silsila Hai Pyar Ka
  140. 1999 - Pyar Koi Khen Nahin
  141. 1999 - Taal
  142. 1999 - Hum Saath Saath Hain
  143. 2000 - Rahasya
  144. 2000 - Bechainee
  145. 2000 - Kaali Topi Lal Rumaal
  146. 2000 - Aaghaaz
  147. 2000 - Khiladi 420
  148. 2000 - Sanam Teri Kasam
  149. 2000 - Le Chal Apne Sang
  150. 2001 - Uljhan
  151. 2001 - Dil Aa Gaya
  152. 2001 - Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love
  153. 2001 - Hum Deewane Pyaar Ke
  154. 2001 - Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain
  155. 2001 - Jaidev
  156. 2001 - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
  157. 2002 - Kaaboo
  158. 2002 - Tumko Na Bhool Payenge
  159. 2002 - Ansh: The Deadly Part
  160. 2002 - Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage
  161. 2002 - Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
  162. 2002 - Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
  163. 2002 - Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
  164. 2002 - Dil Hain Tumhara
  165. 2002 - Rishtey
  166. 2002 - Angaar: The Fire
  167. 2002 - Jeena Sirf Mere Liye
  168. 2002 - Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai Tumse
  169. 2003 - Dabdaba
  170. 2003 - Indian Babu
  171. 2003 - Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai
  172. 2003 - Pinjar
  173. 2003 - Maa Santoshi Maa
  174. 2004 - Kuch Kaha Aapne
  175. 2004 - 30 Days
  176. 2004 - Ishq Hai  Teri Tumse
  177. 2004 - Police Force: An Inside Story
  178. 2004 - Bhola in Bollywood
  179. 2005 - Saathi: The Companion
  180. 2005 - Vaada
  181. 2005 - Zameer: The Fire Within
  182. 2005 - Tango Charlie
  183. 2005 - Sab Kuch Hain Kuch Bhi Nahin
  184. 2005 - That Game of Chess
  185. 2006 - Mere Jeevan Saathi
  186. 2006 - Chand Ke Paar Chalo
  187. 2006 - Vivaj
  188. 2007 - Aur Pappu Pass Ho Gaya
  189. 2007 - Sirf Romance: Love By Chance
  190. 2008 - Ek Vivaak...Aisi Bhi
  191. 2008 - Mukhbir
  192. 2009 - Raftaar - An Obsession
  193. 2009 - Thanks Maa
  194. 2010 - Life Express
  195. 2011 - Vikalp
  196. 2011 - Punha Gondhal Punja Mujra
  197. 2011 - Khap
  198. 2011 - Trapped in Tradition: Rivaaz
  199. 2014 - Kill Dill
  200. 2015 - Second Hand Husband
  201. 2016 - Dil Toh Deewana Hai
  202. 2016 - Sargoshiyan

Ajit Vachani - List of films

  1. 1985 - Jhoothi
  2. 1985 - Khamosh
  3. 1987 - Mr. India
  4. 1987 - Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahin
  5. 1988 - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
  6. 1988 - Commando
  7. 1989 - Main Azaad Hoon
  8. 1989 - Tridev
  9. 1989 - Maine Pyar Kiya
  10. 1989 - Eka Peksha Ek
  11. 1990 - College Girl
  12. 1991 - 100 Days
  13. 1991 - Aag Laga Do Sawan Ko
  14. 1991 - Khooni Panjaa
  15. 1992 - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
  16. 1992 - Deedar
  17. 1992 - Suryavanshi
  18. 1993 - Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
  19. 1993 - Lootere
  20. 1994 - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
  21. 1995 - Policewala Gunda
  22. 1995 - Ahankaar
  23. 1996 - Yash
  24. 1997 - Naseeb
  25. 1999 - Hum Saath Saath Hain
  26. 2000 - Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega
  27. 2001 - Kyo Kii.... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta
  28. 2001 - Jodi No. 1
  29. 2002 - Aankhen

Maine Pyar Kiya - CAST

Salman Khan as Prem Choudhary
Alok Nath
Rajeev Verma
Reema Lagoo
Laxmikant Berde
Ajit Vachani
Pervin Dastur
Mohnish Behl
Dilip Joshi
Raju Shrivastava
Harish Patel as Rahim Chacha
Huma Khan as Gulabiya

Some facts about the movie
TIMES OF INDIA:  While Salman is synonymous with Prem now and it seems almost impossible to think of anyone else playing the role of Sooraj Barjatya;s Prem, it comes as a surprise that the filmmaker was not very happy with the actors first audition.  Click here to read some more lesser known facts about the film.

INDIATV NEWS: 'Maine Pyar Kiya' become a blockbuster hit and is well remembered by the fans for several reasons - be it for its music, Salman Khan's introduction as Prem or the adorable chemistry between Salman and Bhagyashree.  Check here some more unknown facts.

Kaagaz Ke Phool - Cast

Guru Dutt as Suresh Sinha
Waheeda Rehman as Shanti
Kumari Naaz as Pramila 'Pammi' Sinha
Johnny Walker as Rocky
Mahesh Kaul as Rai Bahadur B.P. Verma
Veena Sapru as Bina
Minoo Mumtaz as Veterinarian
Ruby Myers as Sulochana Devi
Mehmood Ali
Mohan Choti
Tun Tun

Solva Saal - Cast

Dev Anand as Pran
Waheeda Rehman as Laaj

Pyaasa - CAST

Guru Dutt as Vijay
Mala Sinha as Meena
Waheeda Rehman as Gulab
Rehman as Mr. Ghosh
Johnny Walker as Abdul Sattar
Leela Mishra as Vijay's mother
Kumkum as Juhi
Shyam Kapoor as Shyam
Mehmood as Vijay;s brother
Tun Tun as Pushplata
Moni Chatterjee as Chatterjee

C.I.D. - Cast

Dev Anand as Inspector Shekhar
Shakila as Rekha
Johnny Walker as Master
K.N. Singh as Superintendent of Police
Kumkum as Kumkum
Bir Sakuja as Dharamdas
Minoo Mumtaz
Tun Tun
Jagdish Raj
Waheeda Rehman as Kamini

Jayasimha - CAST

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao as Jayasimha
Anjali Devi as Kalindi
S.V. Ranga Rao as Rudrasimha
Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao as Vijayasimha
Gummadi Venkateswara Rao as Ranadhir
Rajanala Kaleswara Rao as Senadhipati
Relangi Venkataramaiah as Buddhimati/Subuddhi
Waheeda Rehman as Princess Padmini
Vangara Venkata Subbaiah

Rojulu Marayi - CAST

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao as Venu
Sowcar Janaki as Radha
C.S.R. as Sagarayya
Relangi as Poolaiah
Ramana Reddy as Kanaranam Sambaiah
Perumallu as Kotaiah
A.V. Subba Rao as Collector
Waheeda Rehman as Dancer

Rojulu Marayi 1955 साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Waheeda Rehman - List of films

  1. 1955 - Rojulu Marayi
  2. 1995 - Jayasimha
  3. 1955 - Kaalam Maari Pochu
  4. 1956 - Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum
  5. 1956 - C.I.D.
  6. 1957 - Pyaasa
  7. 1958 - 12 O'Clock
  8. 1958 - Solva Saal
  9. 1959 - Kaagaz Ke Phool
  10. 1960 - Ek Phool Char Kaante
  11. 1960 - Kala Bazar
  12. 1960 - Chaudhvin ka Chand
  13. 1961 - Roop ki Rani Choron Ka Raja
  14. 1962 - Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
  15. 1962 - Bees Saal Baad
  16. 1962 - Baat Ek Raat Ki
  17. 1962 - Rakhi
  18. 1962 - Abhijan
  19. 1963 - Mujhe Jeene Do
  20. 1963 - Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya
  21. 1963 - Ek Dil Sau Afsane
  22. 1964 - Kohra
  23. 1964 - Shagoon
  24. 1964 - Majboor
  25. 1965 - Guide
  26. 1966 - Teesri Kasam
  27. 1966 - Dil Diya Dard Liya
  28. 1967 - Patthar Ke Sanam
  29. 1967 - Ram Aur Shyam
  30. 1967 - Palki
  31. 1967 - Ghar Ka Chirag
  32. 1968 - Neel Kamal
  33. 1968 - Aadmi
  34. 1968 - Baazi
  35. 1969 - Khamoshi
  36. 1969 - Shatranj
  37. 1969 - Meri Bhabhi
  38. 1970 - Prem Pujari
  39. 1970 - Man Ki Aankhen
  40. 1970 - Dharti
  41. 1970 - Darpan
  42. 1971 - Man Mandir
  43. 1971 - Reshma Aur Shera
  44. 1972 - Zindagi Zindagi
  45. 1972 - Trisandhya
  46. 1973 - Phagun
  47. 1973 - Justice
  48. 1976 - Aadalat
  49. 1976 - Kabhi Kabhie
  50. 1978 - Trishul
  51. 1979 - Aaj Ki Dhara
  52. 1980 - Jyoti Bane Jwala
  53. 1980 - Jwalamukhi
  54. 1982 - Sawaal
  55. 1982 - Namal Halaal
  56. 1982 - Namkeen
  57. 1982 - Dharam Kanta
  58. 1983 - Himmatwala
  59. 1983 - Mahaan
  60. 1983 - Coolie
  61. 1983 - Pyaasi Aankhen
  62. 1983 - Ghungroo
  63. 1984 - Sunny
  64. 1984 - Mashaal
  65. 1984 - Maqsad
  66. 1985 - Bayen Hath Ka Khel
  67. 1986 - Simhasanam
  68. 1986 - Singhasan
  69. 1986 - Allah Rakha
  70. 1989 - Chandni
  71. 1991 - Lamhe
  72. 2002 - Om Jai Jagadish
  73. 2005 - Water
  74. 2005 - Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara
  75. 2005 - 15 Park Avenue
  76. 2006 - Rang De Basanti
  77. 2006 - Chukkallo Chandrudu
  78. 2009 - Delhi 6
  79. 2013 - Love in Bombay
  80. 2015 - Vishwaroop 2
  81. 2015 - Arshinagar

Zor - Cast

Sunny Deol as Arjun Singh
Sushmita Sen as Aarti
Milind Gunaji as Iqbal Khan
Om Puri as Shah Alam
Anupam Kher as Police Commissioner

Sushmita Sen - list of movies

  1. 1996 - Dastak
  2. 1997 - Zor
  3. 1997 - Ratchagan
  4. 1999 - Sirf Tum
  5. 1999 - Hindustan Ki Kasam
  6. 1999 - Biwi No 1
  7. 2000 - Aaghaaz
  8. 2000 - Fiza
  9. 2001 - Kyo ki.... Main Jhoot Nahin Bolta
  10. 2001 - Nayak: The Real Hero
  11. 2001 - Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai
  12. 2002 - Aankhen
  13. 2002 - Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge
  14. 2002 - Filhaal
  15. 2003 - Samay: When Time Strikes
  16. 2003 - Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye
  17. 2004 - Vaastu Shastra
  18. 2004 - Main Hoon Na
  19. 2004 - Paisa Vasool
  20. 2005 - Chingaari
  21. 2005 - Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
  22. 2005 - Main Aisa Hi Hoon
  23. 2005 - Bewafaa
  24. 2005 - Kisna: the Warrior Poet
  25. 2005 - It was Raining That Night
  26. 2006 - Alag
  27. 2006 - Zindaggi Rocks
  28. 2007 - Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag
  29. 2009 - Karma Aur Holi
  30. 2009 - Do Knot Disturb
  31. 2010  - Dulha Mil Gaya
  32. 2010 - No Problem
  33. 2016 - Happy Anniversary
  34. 2015 - Nirbaak

Dastak - CAST

Sushmita Sen
Mukul Dev
Sharad Kapoor
Bhavna Datta
Manoj Bajpayee

Mukul Dev - List of films

1996 - Dastak
1998 - Mere Do Anmol Ratan
1998 - Qila
1998 - Iski Topi Uske Sarr
1998 - Wajood
1998 - Kohram
2001 - Kahin Diyaa Jale Kahin Jiyaa
2001 - Giri Mahaaguru
2001 - Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao
2001 - Ittefaq
2003 - Hawayein
2004 - Gharwali Uparwali Aur Sunny
2004 - K. Street Pali Hill
2005 - Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena
2006 - Chor Mandli
2007 - Intiqaam
2007 - Waaris
2007 - Just Married
2008 - Kumkum
2008 - De Taali
2008 - Krishna
2008 - Arslaam
2008 - Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar
2009 - Ek Niranjan
2009 - Sidham
2009 - Rajani
2010 - Kedi
2010 - Adhurs
2011 - Abhisandhi
2011 - Yamla Pagla Deewana
2011 - Money Money, More Money
2011 - Bejawada
2012 - Son of Sardaar
2012 - Burraahh
2012 - Chaar Din Ki Chandni
2012 - Awara
2012 - Nippu
2013 - R....Rajkumar
2013 - Heer and Hero
2013 - Bhai
2013 - War Chhod Na Yaar
2014 - Baaz
2014 - Jal
2014 - Bachchan
2014 - Jai Ho
2015 - Shareek
2015 - Bhaag Johny
2015 - Hero "Naam Yaad Rakhi'
2015 - Meeruthia Gangster
2016 - Zorawar
2016 - Saka - The Martyrs of Nankana Sahib

Siddharth Nigam - List of films

2013 - Dhoom 3
2017 - Munna Michael

Raabta - CAST

Sushant Singh Rajput  as Shiv / Jilaan Kriti Sanon as Saira / Saiba Jim Sarbh Varun Sharma Satendra Bagasi Navdeep Tomar Rahul Ko...


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