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Sridevi as Devki Sabarwal
Akshay Khanna as Mathew Francis
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Cameo Appearance
Abhimanyu Singh as Jagan
Pitobash as Baburam
Sajal Ali as Arya  Sabarwal
Vikas Verma as Charles Diwan
Sushant Singh
Adnan Siddiqui as Anand Sabarwal
Yuvraj Singh Bajwa as Cop
Siman Patel as Baburam's Wife

Arya is a school girl who dislikes her step mom Devki.  Devki is a biology teacher who is popular among her students.  Arya is invited to a Valentine day party which Devki does not approve but reluctantly agrees to Arya attending the party.  At the party Arya snubs Mohit and his friend Charles. An enraged Charles alongwith Mohit, Jagan and Babu - the watchman attack Arya just as she is leaving the party.  A black car is shown moving on a quite road and the driver and passengers are shown changing seats.  Though nothing is shown as to what is happening in the car it is understood that Arya is gangraped and then thrown out of the car and into the gutter.  Before throwing her out they try strangulating her.  She survives but her vocal cords are damaged.  Devki is totally shattered by this incident.  Anand too cuts short his trip and comes home to his daughter.

Mathew is the cop who is in charge of this case.  The case goes to court but Devki is not able to prove anything that can nail the culprits. The culprits go scot free and Devki is left to face the rapists in school everyday.  She decides to quit her job and goes to DK who is a Private Detective to get information about the rapists for her.

Jagan is soon lured by some transgenders and made to sit in an auto.  He wakes up four days later and finds himself castrated.  Mathew suspects Anand to be responsible for this and asks his people to keep an eye on Anand's movements.

The next target is Charles.  Devki mixes crushed apple seeds (which is a source of cyanide) into his fitness drink.  Next morning Charles has his fitness drink and gets a paralytic attack.  Devki plants the apple seeds and some evidence at Mohit's home and sets off the fire alarm. Mathew checks the room to see what has set off the alarm.  While checking the apartment they find apple seeds.  Devki accidently leaves her spectacles in Mohit's flat while planting evidence.

Mathew confronts Devki but as there is no evidence he cannot do anything.  But he does warn Devki that the fourth person who was involved in the crime ie. Jagan is a dangerous criminal and she should be careful.  Charles manages to tell Jagan that it is Devki who is responsible for his condition.

Jagan notices DK near Devki's house and follows him.  He redials the number that DK has last called up from his phone and gets Devki's whereabouts.  He murders DK and goes in search of Devki.

Mathew finds a hidden camera in DKs sunglasses and gets all the evidence against Devki and also Jagans meeting with DK and then rushes to save Devki.

Jagan is just about to shoot Devki when Matthew appears and saves her.  Arya hears Jagan telling Matthew how Devki has punished all the culprits.  Matthew gives Devki a gun to shoot Jagan but she hesitates.  However when she hears Arya calling her 'Mom" Devki shoots Jagan and kills him.

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