Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Hritik Roshan as Raj Khanna
Rani Mukherjee as Pooja Sahani Khanna
Kareena Kapoor as Tina Kapoor
Satish Shah as Mr. Sahani
Himani Shivpuri as Mrs. Sahani
Kiran Kumar as Mr. Khanna
Smita Jaykar as Mrs. Khanna
Sachin Khedekar as Mr. Kapoor
Uday Chopra as Rohan Verma
Parikshat Sahni as Mr. Verma
Maya Alagh as Mrs. Verma
Barkha Singh as young Tina Kapoor

Raj, Pooja and Tina are childhood friends.

Mr. Khanna (Raj's father) moves with his family to England.  Before going Tina promises to write an email everyday to Raj but she is too busy with other things and does not sent him any emails.  Pooja on Tina's behalf regularly sends emails to Raj in Tina's name.  The emails bring them closer to each other.  Pooja falls in love with Raj but Raj loves Tina coz he is under the impression that he has been corresponding with Tina all this while and he has fallen in love with the letter writer.

Raj, Tina and Pooja finally meet.  But Raj realises that Tina is completely different from what he imagined her to be in the emails.  He also gets a little closer to Pooja and realizes that they have a lot of common interests.

Raj goes back to London and keeps thinking more about Pooja than Tina.  Pooja goes to London for an interview and Raj takes her around to visit London city.  They go to a church where Pooja suddenly starts humming a song that Raj loves.  Its at that moment that Raj realizes that he has been chatting with Pooja and not Tina on emails all these years.  Raj then confesses his love for Pooja ... the girl with whom he has been chatting on emails all these years and he wants to marry her.

Raj and Pooja come back to Mumbai together to find that Tina has lost her father.  Raj's father decides to get Raj and Tina married because he had promised Tina's father that they will get their children married.  Tina confesses her love to Raj and he is unable to reply anything.  Wedding preparations are on in full swing in the house and Raj and Pooja are both heartbroken.

Raj promised Pooja that he will marry Tina but under the condition that Pooja first gets married to someone.

Raj introduces Pooja to Rohan Verma at a party organized by his parents where Rohan starts flirting  with Pooja.  Rohan proposes to Pooja and they both get ready to get married.  Both Pooja and Tina are getting married on the same day.  During the preparations Raj accidently drops the sindoor box which falls on Pooja's forehead.  Tina has also by then realized that Raj and Pooja love each other and she asks them to marry each other.

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